Most of us had the childhood event that included the purchase of something that was too big. Buying clothes that were a little large was smarter than buying things that fit right now because they would be too small in a week or month. And so, we learned the expression, “You’ll grow into it.”

Those who have been following my blog journey are aware that I have been working for over a year on a book that is more important to me than virtually any other effort I have undertaken. The subject of the book is the Holocaust and I frequently realize that the subject and its importance are so vast that I have scarcely a chance of thoroughly covering everything that I want to and that should be covered.

Yesterday, I realized that in the same way as I “grew into” clothes as a child, as writers, we find the way to “grow into” the projects that we undertake. Thinking about my earliest professional writing events, they were small-scale letters, emails, memos or notes. But with persistence, open-mindedness and more research than I have ever done anywhere, I find that I have grown into the book that I am writing.

This realization comes as an immeasurable relief to me. When you consider that over six million Jews were exterminated in addition to the many million who died while fighting in World War II battles, the subject has rightfully become the subject of thousands of books. My goal has never been to write a best-seller, landmark book or Pulitzer prize winner – most simply, I am doing my part to make certain that the Holocaust is never repeated.

For those who see projects of any type as too big, too important, too long or too anything else, I promise you that with hard work and sincerity, you will grow into that work. Beginning is the most difficult phase but not beginning is worse. Take aim and fire when ready. Shalom.

2 thoughts on “Growing

  1. I know your book has been a labor of love and an emotional journey. I’m sure it will be an important and meaningful documentary and will find an important place in my library. Never forget.


    1. Thank you. I have finished writing it and I am now on the fourth edit. One of these days, I’ll have to consider it finished.


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