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Old and new

Those of us who spent much of our lives without benefit of current technology often observe the before and after realities of those lives. For one, I remember coming home from work to see if the answering machine light was flashing an indication that I had a message. And I remember waiting until Sunday to call home from college because the rates were lower.

By no means do I suggest all of this as a wish for days gone by. The majority of our life changes are positive ones, especially as they include reduced charges, additional convenience and a lack of waiting for the right dial tone to secure internet access.

But yesterday, I had a revelation concerning my new tablet and the lovely addition of a smart pencil (who ever dreamed that pencils could be smart?). The revelation was that I could use the pencil to write the notes that I have recorded for many years on a piece of paper that was more or less inconvenient or capable of being lost or damaged.

This may not sound like much but it’s huge. Life now requires me to have ongoing access to wifi of one flavor or another and the tablet (a sensational early birthday gift) is the latest addition to that access. The big event is that I can use this tasty device to do writing, email, current events, social media or anything else that one does with a tablet. And in addition to all of that, I can use it to hand-write notes, ideas for blogs, additions to my book or anything else! It is unquestionably the combination of latest technology with old-fashioned hard work that takes the form of handwriting.

Because I am not an artist of any type for visual arts, I won’t access my magic pencils talents at creating drawings or sketches. It’s simply not that magical. However, I am going to use it diligently for notes, reminders, lists or anything else that includes the English language. This is very exciting stuff. I can also take pictures with it and I can check the stock market. More important than all of that, I can preserve my old-time habits with new-time devices. What a deal.

What is the moral or lesson in all this? Use discretion about accepting or discarding any particular change in your life and surroundings. Somehow, it is always possible to maintain the good and bad at the same time. Shalom.


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