One of my greatest amusements or frustrations is seeing how many typographical or grammatical mistakes prevail in the world. As an editor and writer, I confess to being more aware and potentially more sensitive. But almost daily, I see areas where the general public should employ the services of an editor and do not, for reasons I will never understand.

A very good one had to do with two celebrities who have been extremely public about their relationship. The article described them as being, “…attacked at the hip.” While that conjures some interesting images, it is clear that they were attached, not attacked.

One of the local TV news stations has come up with some interesting mistakes. They described a nearby community as “Bernallilo” instead of the correct “Bernalillo” and I am certain that the locals of that community were not happy.

And in another case, I saw some news coverage of a local movement that described a “Buisness” instead of “Business” that was open. Do any of these have lasting significance? Probably not. But every time I see one, I think of my dad’s favorite statement, “Any job worth doing is worth doing right.” Another local one that I just saw was the blatantly incorrect use of the objective case when the subjective case was needed: “To whomever was shooting off fireworks.”

If you are one of those who are shy or tentative or disinterested enough to enlist the services of a competent editor, I wish you all the best. I don’t know about you, but I have no interest in releasing something that says I was not careful or thorough or concerned. My services are always available to you, as are thousands of other editors who have become readily available, thanks to online access.

Another worthwhile expression crosses my mind: You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. If you take the extra minute and dollars to see that your work is accurate, you will make a first impression that is editorially correct. That must be worth something. Shalom.

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