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For fear of sounding like one of the litany of whiners and complainers around us, I have a number of observations to record. It seems that logic is a practice that has left many of us as the Covid-19 pandemic has hit.

One of our “leaders” has recently and repeatedly observed that if we did less testing for the virus, we would have fewer diagnosed cases. That strikes me the same as saying, “When I don’t cut my hair, it gets longer.” This person has also suggested that 99% of the Covid-19 cases are harmless. What? Most of the second and third graders I teach would see the flaws in these leader-issued pronouncements.

And then there is the eye-opener that if we loosen the quarantine and its implicit restrictions, the number of diagnosed cases spikes. Really? I guess that if fewer people keep social distance and wear masks, the virus can attack anyone and everyone. Wow.

What would happen if we replaced this type of illogical logic with good sense? The only way to determine who has the virus and who doesn’t is by conducting the test or witnessing symptoms. While I recognize that many of the tests have been shown to be unreliable or inaccurate, many are not.

Some folks are ranting and raving about being forced to wear masks. It is manifestly true that you have a constitutional right to die. What the constitution doesn’t protect, however, is your right to infect me and others if you are carrying the virus and don’t wear the mask. We are not taking your guns away – just your right to kill by transmitting toxins.

And for those idiots who are saying that the virus is a hoax, tell that to the hundreds of thousands worldwide who have watched loved ones die or have lived through Covid-19. You are most likely the same fools who consider the Holocaust a carefully fabricated lie. Let me introduce you to someone who escaped Auschwitz. Better yet, meet me there and tell me about crematoria and mountains of seized shoes and eyeglasses. It is past the right time to think reasonably and intelligently. Shalom.

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