Regardless of what millennials or others under the age of thirty might think, most of us had full and happy lives prior to the introduction of social media. Please do not interpret this as a categorical criticism or dismissal of all social media platforms. But I do frequently find myself wondering people are thinking when they post what they do.

The majority of what we see if pretty innocuous. It includes pictures of single people, couples, groups, babies, kids and landscapes. Unfortunately, some of what is put out on social media is volatile. We have Trump haters, Trump lovers (very few in number), those espousing violence or pacifism; and a huge number who aren’t saying anything that is at all worth reading.

Some of it is for the sake of sharing sad news or happy events with those we can’t or don’t reach otherwise. In fact, I have recently established contact with several relatives whom I haven’t seen in many years. But the junk is plentiful.

For example, 98% of adults can’t find a number three in a field of 144 number sixes. So what? Pick the method by which you make X’s and it says what kind of person you are. For real? Are we so lacking in formidable entertainment that we must resort to this?

It’s not difficult for me to imagine your responses to my almost tirade. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It amuses some people. No harm is done. While I get all that, I will continue to hope for more worthwhile content.

We see posts itemizing acts of charity and kindness, but not often enough. And we see members of communities who go to remarkable extremes to help each other or those far away and in need. Yet we have to plow through advertising and the deep/profound meaning of a letter of the alphabet to get to the material I consider worthwhile.

Yes, opinions are like noses – almost everybody has one, and you have heard mine. As I admit to posting blogs and family events on social media, I’m quite confident that I don’t distribute stupidity. I’ll just continue to tiptoe through the trivial trash and enjoy humanitarian messages where and when I can find them. Shalom.

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