Today is Mother’s Day and for all those who have a mother, are a mother or celebrate one mother or more, I send my wishes for the happiest of Mother’s Days. This is one of the most powerful and emotional days of the year for me, a day for which I am grateful and humble.

Those who know me understand the two realities about this holiday – one that I did not have nearly enough Mother’s Days with my own wonderful mother; the second is that my motherhood was a struggle to attain and one that was not expected to occur. Neither of those two conditions mitigate the fact that this is an supremely special day.

Each of us has a preferred method by which to celebrate. If it’s baking a cake, supplying an extremely special (and sentimental) gift, going out for brunch or dinner – it doesn’t matter. But I can tell you with no hesitation, that the mother you commemorate and honor will be enhanced by your efforts, no matter what she may choose to articulate.

If you believe that this is merely a greeting card type of event that promotes the sales of chocolates, flowers or greeting cards, enjoy your cynicism and please keep it to yourself in my presence. If you agree with me that being a mother is the loftiest and most sacred of designations, you and I agree.

And so, I say thank you for the two extraordinary, kind and incredibly thoughtful young people who have created my privilege to be called their mother. You are beyond my ability to express how much you represent to me and I will always be grateful for what you have both become and how proud I am of both of you. In my world, you are the ultimate of God’s gifts.

For the rest of the world, I sincerely hope that you take the time and effort to honor your mother. She has done more for you than you can possibly realize and is entitled to every expression of love that you can muster. A happy, healthy and blessed Mother’s Day to all. Shalom.

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