We have all become clear on the expectations associated with the Covid-19. Most of it is uncomplicated: wear a mask, wash your hands, maintain social distancing and remain quarantined if you have been told to do so. With all of that in place and extremely logical, why are so many people being so unpleasant?

You’re waiting in line at Home Depot and they have graciously identified six feet spacing in the line of people waiting to enter. By no means would I argue that Home Depot is not an “essential” business; for some, it is essential to conduct their lines of work or livelihoods.

On two separate occasions, I’ve witnessed occupants of Home Depot behaving in a manner that is totally unpleasant, oblivious to others and downright nasty. Six feet is not the same as two feet. The man in front of me was clearly in a hurry and didn’t care whom he touched or infected or invaded in the process. And a lady in the gardening area did her best to be within three feet of me, no matter where I went. In Albertsons, a lady scolded me severely for not observing the one-way signs that were on the floor and I hadn’t previously noticed.

As we’ve seen so many times, we’re all in this together. It doesn’t hurt or cost anything to be kind. The generous gestures by so many make a huge difference in surviving this isolation that none of us want or requested. But please don’t be a grump or a crab in a public space by invading space, endangering others or otherwise making this situation worse than it has to be.

Put a positive expression on your face when you’re out in the world, underneath your mask. It will show in your eyes. It may not disinfect a virus but it does disable negativity. Shalom.

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