If you spend some time observing people who have both negative and positive histories, it seems likely to me that you will find those who believe in nothing versus believing in something. By no means do I suggest that you need to have a background in religion or faith to have a belief system. But I do believe with all my heart that if you believe in something, you are at an advantage.

There are no limits as to those concepts or fields for belief. You may believe in God; you may believe in education; you may believe in political freedom; you may believe in peace; or you may believe that the most important of all endeavors is to feed everyone who is hungry.

Any belief can be something that defines or refines you. And because we all have different backgrounds and strengths, the fact that we believe differently must be a given. For my part, I believe in God and God’s wisdom. For as long as I can remember, I have believed in the importance of family – maintaining that connection and giving priority to the needs of family. At the same time, I am steadfastly dedicated to educating, both within and outside of a classroom. We can never be too smart or too well-informed.

Consequently, I live my life with actions that support my belief structure. And I feel strongly that those who are seeking strength or definition may well want to identify something in which to believe. But don’t stop there. If you believe in feeding everyone who is hungry, take some action toward that end. If you believe in education, teach or tutor or volunteer in some educational facility.

As in the case of so many entities, actions are always more important than words. It may be that in a world that is full of conflict, controversy and contact distancing, embracing a cause can be therapeutic. You may discover that supporting something outside yourself can do more good than you would have imagined. Shalom.

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