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What do you imagine when you see the word magic? Is it a David Copperfield type of event or is it more like events that take place in our lives that take on an air of something special or unique?

My thought is that the world can use a little bit of magic right now. Here’s what I mean. After a hard freeze last night and the night before, our newly planted garden is a disaster. Peppers and tomatoes are limp and/or brown; the grapevines have all gone from green to yuck and there are no more leaves capable of photosynthesis.

The best response that I can muster is that we need a dose of magic. It may be tomorrow or the next day but I fully expect to walk outside in the next few days and see some new growth. It can be new leaves, new peppers or some of the grapevines changing their minds about the colors they want to display.

When I relax and don’t push for thoughts to be added to my book, magic always occurs. It takes the form of new events or characters or the process of joining some disassociated information in a new way. Magic happens when a long-lost client appears and asks me to write a complicated or lengthy project. Yesterday, for example, I had a long-standing client ask me to write thirteen business letters. I’m having some trouble billing him because his business is failing and he’s seeking some assistance for business loans.

What I’m suggesting is that you join me in seeking and identifying magic, simply for the purposes of illuminating our lives defined by disease and quarantine. It’s been the magical idea of neighborhood children to draw smiling faces on rocks and leave them everywhere. Relief stands offer a big of toilet paper magic to those in need. And I define magic as the selfless dedication of the many thousands of healthcare workers who put themselves in harms’ way in order to protect us.

In the best possible situation, a vaccine can magically appear or we can find a magic treatment for those stricken with the virus. Believing in magic isn’t silly to me – it’s vastly better than predicting disaster. Shalom.

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