The Coronavirus is obviously on all of our minds and because we are limited as to the venues we can visit and the people with whom we can share our time, we must be conscientious about where we go and what we do. But I would suggest that instead of lingering over what is prohibited, we should consider opportunities to derive some good from this situation.

For example, the first thing that occurs to many of us is going to a coffee shop, preferably to meet someone for conversation and companionship. We can’t do this but there are other avenues to pursue. If you have some tea in the house, jump into your loose tea or tea bags and do some research. What’s good and what’s not? What gives you almost the same positive energy with a different type of taste?

Tackle a project that you’ve been avoiding for whatever reason. Mine was to clean up my endless mounds of paperwork. Cleaning one bookcase, one filing cabinet and one two-shelf cabinet in my office was extremely therapeutic. Although I added quite a bit to the recycle supply of paper, I now know where (almost) anything can be found. The same purge can be done in your closet, garage or dresser drawers. Be sure to resell or donate your clothes so that others may benefit from your energy.

We’ve all seen the suggestions for contacting those who are important to us and it’s another one of those activities that is easily postponed. We have nothing but time on our hands (unless we’re in the critical/essential categories and we are working – if so, thank you) that can be used to ensure the safety of others. Make it a promise to contact two or three people each day and soon you’ll be through with your electronic or paper address book.

Finally, if you are able, please don’t forget acts of kindness. The food banks are desperate for donations with which they buy food for those who don’t have any. If you have a favorite charity or organization that can use help, any size donation is good. And my favorite is one that I’ve seen several times in my neighborhood – people setting out cartons or tables of supplies for those who need them and can’t go to get them.

We’re all hoping that this will be over soon. After being grateful for the ability to do some good, any amount or type of good is desirable. Most important of all, tell all those whom you love that you love them. Shalom.

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