Our current global pandemic has provided me with time to reflect on our world, both from a local and a much larger perspective. One of the images that I saw was that of a large field of flowerpots, each filled with a specific inhabitant of our planet.

While this may sound a bit strange at the outset, the pots are arranged by community. As I look through the student population section, I see rows and rows of seedlings, each with a tiny smiling face. Pots are closely spaced, not only for the sake of camaraderie, but also to benefit from the sustenance provided by the sprinklers and sunshine.

Moving from this small, pleasant community, I wander to the political pots. All of these faces are scowling, with the exception of a few good samaritans and dedicated public servants. Their faces are easily distinguishable from those of the children. They are larger, more wrinkled and sincerely unhappy. Because the negative expressions dominate, it’s easily concluded that the environment is not conducive to growth.

Another field of flowerpots discloses inhabitants who are demographically diverse. They are young and old faces that are all looking up, ostensibly for wisdom. Faces are of all colors, dimensions and sizes. Their demeanors range from expectant to excited to afraid to anticipatory. Pots are all the same size, indicative of the space that each one occupies within the community.

My conclusions are that we are able to gain a wide selection of data from those around us, just as we have the ability to influence them. As we share space, we share expectations, from viewpoints that are as diverse as our backgrounds and our faces.

Ultimately, I believe that it’s all about hope. Because most of us are looking up, we could be searching the symbolic warmth of the sun or the guidance we receive from God. We are all in this situation of virus and death as a large field of growing entities, relying on what is above and around us for strength. Shalom.

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