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Feeding brains

What would you expect a class of first graders to do when they are placed in a tech class filled with personal computers? Most of my reactions were surprises because I must have been out of touch with first grade tech sophistication.

Do you think they would be doing nursery rhymes or the inevitable children’s books such as Dr. Seuss? That would be incorrect. How about children’s games or puzzles? Once again, that’s incorrect.

One expectation was that a few students would have difficulty logging into the computers. Happily, I was a little correct. A few students (mostly girls) had difficulties with log-ins and site access. Just to be fair, a number of boys had some challenges as well.

The rest of my expectations were serious misplaced. One student was watching the construction of a video game control. One was walking around the tech classroom, helping fellow students log on and visit the sites they chose. Most of the rest were doing math games or similar educational pursuits. This may be because they understood the consequences of doing otherwise. Or it may be (we hope) an example of the quest for knowledge.

Happily, kids are equally excited to visit the library, the art class or the music room as they are tech. This may be because all exposures to knowledge and experience are desirable. As I must remind myself daily, most of my kids have only a fraction of what they ultimately need to know. They treat the process of being in tech as they do reading of a book.

Because tech was never part of my own educational development, I have no memories that replicate those of my first graders. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Some of us naturally excelled in math while others of us wrote dazzling essays. Everything in between is good, from algebra to zoology. Our most important mission, whether it’s hands on a keyboard or listening to percussion, is to instill an enduring love for learning in all shapes, colors and sizes. Shalom.



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