If ever you run out of educational or recreational ideas for school-age kids, I have one that may be useful. As a warm-up activity in fourth grade, I asked a classroom of students to describe what superpowers they would have if they could choose one.

This worked out to be a better activity than I planned. While I had a couple repeats, most of the answers were unique and fascinating.

One student wanted invisibility – to be anywhere at all without being seen. Another wanted to make anything materialize, simply through intention. It could be a computer or a car or anything else. As a sub-topic to this one, I had a student who wanted a superpower to aid all those who needed help – regardless of what they needed.

A student wanted only to jump, as high and as often as possible. One of the biggest surprises was firepower, to create and control fire.

While I don’t believe that this child is a pyromaniac in training, I’m intrigued by the idea of fire control. One child wanted supernatural strength but most of the remaining requests were beneficial.

When the class asked me to describe the superpower I would fabricate, I responded by saying that I would write a best seller and play the piano. As always, I refused to disclose the titles of my books so as not to be accused of selling while teaching.

But as always, I learned much more than I supplied. Kids generally want to be better, learn more and improve the world. An extraordinary student wanted “super wisdom.” Growth is mandatory and desirable, a reality that many adults could well adopt and emulate. Shalom.



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