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What is it about traveling down a highway or state or county road with no other traffic that’s so memorable? You’re free of tailgaters and dawdlers behind and ahead of you. But there’s something far more meaningful in the journey.

For one, it removes all obstructions between the magnificent vistas and me. Depending on the time of day and cloud quantities, the mountains are purple, beige, pink or brown, along with the deep, delicious leafy trees.

Along with that, you can pay more attention to the sights along the road We have the Busy Bee Cafe, Crazy Beaver Bar and Grill, bowling alley and miles of roadside sunflowers. If you’re fortunate, you can spot live wildlife. We see antelope, raccoons, migrating birds and various flavors of deer. The farm and ranch critters are entertaining as well. Horses appear in many sizes and a wide range of hues. Cattle are also interesting, especially if you can spot calves grazing while warily staying near a grownup.

Ultimately, the cars and trucks and RVs and motorcycles are intrusions. The mountains and fields preside, altering their shades, shapes and sizes. Happily, most of them are immune to human contamination.

Driving through America is always part education, part awe for this country’s diversity and timeless splendor. While the occasional wildfire may clear an area of tall trees, bushes and saplings erupt, reminding us that nature always prevails.

The same lesson applies to changes in season – while the spring and summer growth is plush and golden with exploding lushness, fall and winter emphasize the evergreens that are tall, stately and resistant to all of nature’s whims.

Whatever you see is better than Dodge tailpipes or political bumper stickers. Our human contraptions and contrivances never compare to our surroundings – a fact never clearer than when you have the road’s glory to yourself. Shalom.


If I may assist you with your writing endeavors, it is my pleasure and privilege to do so. You may reach me at csbutts19@yahoo.com.

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