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Women and cars

What is it about cars and things automotive that rattle so many women? It always amuses me to watch females in an automobile environment, to see how they flail and plead ignorance.

Could it be that we ladies choose to perpetuate the old image that cars are not feminine? Professionals such as Danika Patrick who is very attractive as well as successful should have had some effect on that concept.

But as I wait for my car’s oil change to be completed (Yes, I initiated this on my own), I watched a lady who shook her head and looked mystified that her car has transmission issues. The only thing she didn’t do was ask what a transmission was. Having just been told that I need a new air filter and given the nod to replace it, I wonder who some women are so distressed when informed of car difficulties.

By no means am I suggesting that all women are auto-phobic. One of the ladies in this waiting area appears to be at ease and engaged in her car’s progress. But it’s no surprise that out of eight in the lobby, only she and I are female.

Somewhere along the way we ladies decided that axle or other grease was incompatible with nail polish. Or we decided that it was good male/female interaction to hand off our automotive things to our manly men.

And if being savvy about my car turns me into a female version of the camo-covered, long-bearded, gun packing man on these premises, I’ll stick to jewelry-making and writing. We are not the same as some of the actions that we take. But I continue to be amused by the couple that walks in to report that the lady’s back tires need to be replaced. The man decisively takes the lead and she merely nods and sits placidly with the rest of us. Shalom.


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