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Back to school

As I prepare for my first day back in the classroom for the school year, I am pensive and hopeful. It seems somehow appropriate that my return will include some special education students, those who require an additional level of care and teacher participation.

These are students who need teachers most and are absolutely nonspecific about displaying their love and appreciation for their caregiver/teacher. While I have no special education training from college, my many years of teaching have prepared me for this challenge which I thoroughly embrace.

My hope is that I can provide this class and all those that follow the highest level of compassion, professionalism and individual attention that my students deserve and require. While I have no permanent class for which I have ongoing responsibilities, my role as a substitute teacher is just as serious and committed as that of a permanent, full-time educator.

The school year will be my joy and gratification, as always. Somehow, my students always know that I care about them and that I am very serious about delivering the knowledge, guidance and encouragement that are my blessing to convey. It always works out that way for my students and me. They are quick to ask me to return.

May I have the wisdom to do what is in their best interests. May I also have the patience that is sometimes tested, the clarity to provide best and most concise answers and the good sense to identify the needs of each child. It’s always clear to me that if I enter the classroom with positive expectations, they always become realities. Shalom.


If I may assist you with any of your writing endeavors, it is my pleasure and privilege to do so. You may reach me at csbutts19@yahoo.com.

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