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One half hour

Because I’ve recently made it a practice to spend a half hour each day on my patio, in the sun, I’ve been amazed at the multiple realizations I’ve acquired. This is a time that I am alone, with no radio or other devices, simply observing the sounds and visions that surround me.

To begin, I am enchanted by the perceptions (or lack of intrusions) that manifest themselves in the quiet of the patio. The hummingbirds are vocal, sweetly purring or angrily chirping when others invade their space. For as many minutes as I spend, I can see yet another hummingbird, either ingesting their nectar or zooming through the sky at phenomenal speeds.

The lack of other stimuli allows me to think of all those subjects that are either top of mind or filed away somewhere for later access. Magically, answers appear that were earlier unavailable. Clarity emerges, replacing doubt or confusion about a wide variety of subjects.

No matter how many weeds I pulled earlier in the day, I can still see new ones. The shrubs that I trimmed yesterday appear to have grown several inches, if only in protest. Pigeons that appear and strut through the yard are unaffected by my motionless, mute presence – until I make the egregious mistake of moving one foot forward six inches. They take off as if escaping an enemy. And the bees prowl the yard, looking for the forbidden hummingbird nectar, flowers or any other destination they choose.

The most miraculous occurrence is my newfound ability to communicate with God. As one who has never doubted God’s existence, my quiet solitude has enabled God’s active presence in my awareness. The messages are clear, wise and more valuable than any I’ve received elsewhere. If it took this setting and openness to wisdom for it to occur, I am far beyond grateful for the blessing. Shalom.


If I may assist you with any of your writing endeavors, it will be my pleasure and privilege to do so. Shalom.


2 thoughts on “One half hour

  1. May I intrude on to your patio for a moment? I can picture everything as you describe it. Each morning, I open my window and do nothing but LISTEN. This morning, it was so strange, but I couldn’t hear any sounds! The trees were still, no cars honking from the nearby highway. No birds. Finally, a small ‘cluck’ from a crabby grackle. I feel closer to God as well in my moments of solitude. Enjoy your time sitting in the sunshine on your patio, Cindy. Hope I can visit one of these days, and that I won’t be intruding.


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