Dear Sister –

As I sat in front of you to express my love, I knew that you had no idea who I was or why I was there. You asked me several times to stand behind you and I wondered if the sight of me as a stranger was a conflict.

A terrible and unforgiving condition has consumed your being, leaving someone who looks like my sister but doesn’t have your spirit, your energy and your boundless love. For the first time in our many decade history, we couldn’t share a photo a joke or your inimitable laugh.

My greatest challenge is the method by which I can truly engage with you. Your only communication to me was to demand that I move you or remove myself from your sight. When I held your hand, you quickly pulled it away from me.

But I tell myself that when you can access the clarity to recollect and revel in the past, you will do so. That time may never come and every sight of you may be the last.

And so for now, I will kiss you goodbye and hope that it’s not the only one I will be able to deliver. Know that I treasure every minute of our shared lives and I am profoundly grateful for all that you were and all that you gave me. Love forever, Cindy  Shalom.

2 thoughts on “My sister

  1. Losing a friend like this must be so terribly difficult; I can’t even imagine. You were there when you needed to be, and in her way, she loves you for this; she just doesn’t realize it now. Never forget that.


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