Having recently watched the movie that was Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s biography, I find myself thinking about the footprints that all of us leave behind. The messages conveyed in the film were memorable and inspirational, causing me to imagine the exhilaration of leaving footprints nearly as large as hers.

If we take a moment to itemize all of our accomplishments, most of us have far fewer than RBG. And so it seems that we must be satisfied that we will never match her profound legacy. But does that mean we should stop trying to create the best and finest? Absolutely not.

While I will never represent a defendant or preside in the Supreme Court, I will settle classroom disputes. Likewise, just as I will never create the likes of Hamlet or A Farewell to Arms, I do create work requested by my clients and contribute my blogs for the entertainment and illumination of my readers.

Add to that a daughter and son who honor me with their character and integrity, as well as their own boundless affection. As an educator, I continue to hope that my students live up to the expectations to which they are entitled and that I diligently identify.

We all have the capacity to leave behind a footprint as formidable as we choose. Just as I aspire to teach more, write more and love more, we can all avoid those boundaries that are created for us by others and ourselves. The only limits we have are those we establish.

Few of us will have the opportunities to match RBG’S accomplishments. But we all have the means to learn and to give back to our world. Call someone and tell them that you love them. Write a letter to your grandkids, nieces, nephews or other special people – there’s a good possibility that your letters will be the only handwritten letters they will ever receive. Doing so and more, we can change the size of our imprints while improving the universe, one footstep at a time. Shalom.

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