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Say yes

Every now and then, a client requests writing that I have never done before. With the history I have experienced, this situation occurs infrequently. But when it does as it did yesterday, I always pause before accepting the responsibility.

It’s always about the client’s best interests. If, for instance, an existing or new client requested lyrics for a song, I would decline, due to a lack of training and musical education. At the same time, I would gladly tackle a job to write poetry after having done quite a bit of composing verse for myself.

The task yesterday was to title a video and write an explanatory paragraph. Client provided minimal direction, but I believe it’s an announcement about their new home. So far, I’ve submitted three statements, each time securing more details to include. Happily, the fourth version was “perfect.”

Should I have decided against the job? Keep in mind that this is my best client who solicits my services quite often. In fact, as soon as I finished the paragraph, he needed me to compose a eulogy. When do we stop saying yes to the requests that are made of us? These may be for our professional talents or to help one another.

Sometimes it’s enlivening to do something new, both to see how the process feels and for the satisfaction upon completion. While I don’t claim to be completely objective about my work, I can always spot imperfections or writing not worth reading. But I always try.

The lesson here is to push your envelope as far and as often as there is an occasion to do so. When you’ve always wanted to dance, get up and dance. Better yet take some dance lessons.

And so it goes with writing, singing, drawing, teaching kids to read or making jewelry. Any limitations we sense are most likely artificial. Of course, power lifting is probably not for you if you’re 80 and arthritic. But you can walk, swim and exercise as your bones and muscles allow.

Saying yes always feels better than saying no. And don’t concern yourself with the critics, real or imagined – most likely they will be envious of your courage and ambition. Shalom.

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