Sitting in the backyard, watching the plants, shrubs and trees, I am entirely intrigued by the remarkable strength of my surroundings. The wind is blowing with fierceness and while entire sections of plants (stems, branches, etc.) are moving, the leaves remain firmly attached to their parent support structure.

When you approach any one of these plants, each individual leaf or petal is easily removed, for whatever reason. But the wind isn’t sufficient reason to change their positions. The lesson concerns strength through adversity, no matter your size, genetics or species.

In the same sense, I don’t know what birds weigh (never having had the desire or opportunity to weigh a live bird) but they never break the branches upon which they land. Likewise, birds big and small land on the bird feeder, often without causing it to move at all.

Somehow it seems to me that as creatures of nature (and God), we are meant to withstand serious shocks or disruptions without any damage to our exteriors or interiors. This may include large or small injuries, most of which, it seems, seem to heal within a very short time.

In the same way, we resilient humans find methods by which to recover from the most devastating blows – loss of loved ones, broken hearts, career disappointments, tragedies or similar catastrophes. True, we all have different methods of recovering from these losses. In the best of examples, we do so without turning to addictions or lashing out toward others.

The intricacies and subtleties of the world around us never cease to inspire and educate. As my plants remain hardy through rain, wind and attack from other creatures, we as humans consistently prevail over hardships that our lives encounter. Maybe we are as hummingbirds, landing gently on our source of nourishment, fluttering and being thoroughly careful to avoid any danger that can threaten our serenity. Shalom.

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