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Those of us who are fortunate derive inspiration from a copious selection of sources. Some are compelled to create from the site of scenery, human interactions or historic events. Today I had the indescribable illumination of observing a galaxy of birds doing what birds always do.

Many of us take our flighty feathered acquaintances for granted. At times, they become nuisances, either by their noise or their deposits to our windows or sidewalks. But I had no sounds to compete with theirs and only the ability to observe their habits as a source of beauty and creative thoughts.

We would be fortunate to have the characteristics of birds. They travel at will, sometimes for short hops and others for long distances. On some occasions, you can hear certain birds repetitively chirping a distinct pattern of sounds. It makes one wonder if they are conveying a message to the world, expressing information about their whereabouts or simply broadcasting a bird version of happiness and serenity.

Happily, many of our bird species are free from poachers or trophy hunters. They glide along, pausing to eat or drink and electing to move alone or with a group. And for those of us who envy their freedom, we imagine a world that is free of boundaries, deadlines, taxes, nosy neighbors and needless violence.

For my part, I imagine a life of singing where and when my spirit was provoked to do so. Movement is without constraint or rules ā€“ we can fly without speed limits, stop signs or road construction to obstruct our paths. And as someone who knows relatively little about birds, I can suppose that the vastest majority of flying critters are able to persist without analysis or clinical studies.

As a mere human, I can appreciate flight, song and social or asocial behavior as represented by my feathered creatures. My best guess is that few will have as many years on and off the earth as I have enjoyed, maybe representing the tradeoffs for absolute freedom. No matter ā€“ we have much to learn from the birds who broadcast their songs and provide the beauty attained by watching them in flight. Shalom.

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