Watching our garden in extremely high (hazardous) wind, I am touched and amazed at the strength and stamina of our flowers. We have marigolds, geraniums and several other types of blooms that refuse to surrender their petals and hang on as if their lives depended on it. In fact, I suppose they do.

As I watch them, I remember being aware of the wide variety of people whom I have seen lately. Each of them was buying flowers of some sort. Young people, older people, female people and male people were all approaching the cash register to purchase various types of flora.

At that time and now, I find it intriguing that everyone wants to appreciate beauty, particularly the natural type. Never do I see people purchasing artificial flowers with the energy and intent with which they have been buying flowers these last few weeks.

Of course, there is a moral to all of this. We all need beauty in our lives. If it’s pink, orange, red, lavender, purple or white – beauty makes our lives smooth, meaningful and placid. It’s found in the way we decorate our homes and our bodies. It’s why some decide to turn their vehicles into masterpieces or monuments. And it’s why many dedicate themselves (ourselves) to the integration and creation of beautiful music.

To my knowledge, I haven’t seen any studies on the physical reaction of human bodies to the perception of magnificence, whatever the type. We can all relate to the effect that music has on us, just as we are fulfilled and enhanced by the appreciation of fine art. And so, why should it surprise me or anyone else that people of all shapes and flavors surround themselves with the beauty of nature?

We all have the opportunity to contribute to the quality of the world that surrounds us, if only by paying attention to our gardens. It’s a better option than road rage, dumping trash on the street and breaking into someone else’s home.

Nurture your garden and watch how your life blossoms. Shalom.

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