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Something that I see periodically on social media is a blurb (do we use the word blurb anymore?) about the person with whom you could have lunch, alive or otherwise, if you were able to do so. As the creators of this note intended, I have dedicated some time and concentration to this topic, with several conclusions.

On the plus side of this fantasy is the ability to connect with anyone I choose, in order to share lunch and conversation. On the minus side, would most of us be satisfied with lunch with Abe Lincoln or John Lennon or a cherished loved one who has passed?

Maybe lunch is offered as a conservative type of request from You Who Make the Impossible Possible: May I please have an hour or two with Jimi Hendrix or JFK or Robin Williams? Because we know how social media works, we know that it’s for the sake of engaging readers and have them click on something that may produce secondary results. At the very least, it causes us to wonder about those whom we hold in the highest esteem.

From my standpoint, a better alternative would be, if you could have anyone’s email address, whose would it be? For instance, you could send an email to honestAbe@somethingorother.com. Doing so implies the ability to sustain an ongoing communication path, something that’s automatically void due to that person’s non–existence.

Another option would be to have a physical address that would suggest the person you are seeking would open and read correspondence. But as we all know, no-one sends mail to us, other than utility companies and charitable organizations. And if you’re only a little clever, you can delete those two types as well.

That takes us back to lunch. If I could somehow magically have lunch with Mom, that tiny bubble in time would represent a treasured encounter. If it were Abe or John Kennedy, those meetings would eliminate massive amounts of national security personnel and red tape.

No matter whom we meet or where, the opportunity is tantalizing. From this desk, I would hope that a brief meal would be something positive for both parties. While it seems a full-blown fantasy that I could teach General Patton anything at all, dreaming is limited only by our imaginations. Shalom.

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