Most of us have encountered one or more people in our lives who profess to be completely happy with who they are. It sounds like, “I’m fifty-something years old and I’ve done alright so it’s a little late to change.” The age is insignificant to me because I feel very strongly that we are all in a position to do more and to get better at whatever it is that we do.

Like so many others, I’ve done what I do for quite a long time. My writing began in college and has never ceased. At the same time, I have been working for many years in sales and health care, I’ve been a parent for quite a long time and have spent almost half of my life as a wife. Happily, I’ve had the privilege of educating young minds for close to two decades.

In spite of all that tenure at so many positions, I have never reached the status of complacency. Almost daily, I make errors large and small as a wife, teacher and mother. No-one is keeping score. And ultimately, I hope that those whom I touch will believe that I am sincere and perfectly well-intentioned.

But regardless of age or acquired experience, I will never feel that I have accomplished enough or too much. When my body says that it’s time to stop enjoying my kindergarteners, I will resign from teaching. And while I suspect that there won’t be an occasion to stop telling my stories and teaching through words, my goal is to improve my agility with those words with every blog or essay.

Sometimes I wonder why I never reach the stage of sufficiency. By no means am I suggesting that I am unhappy with who I am or what I create. There is always an opportunity to grow through reading more, writing more and thinking carefully before hitting any type of send button. Learning is growing and growing is improving. For as long as we can continue to build ourselves and our resources, the world will be enhanced. Shalom.

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