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Stop whatever it is you’re doing. Put down your pen, pencil, stylus or mouse and simply pause. You’re now ready for the coffee date. It’s not breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. This event/celebration/reunion/engagement/rendezvous is absolutely unique because of the persons involved and the reason for meeting.

One of the prerequisites is the expressed desire to meet with another person who shares your reverence for the distinguished taste of coffee. What’s most beautiful about this coffee date is that it can occur spontaneously, with a small amount of planning or (rarely) created far in advance.

If you are fortunate to have one or two or maybe three people in your life with whom you can have a coffee date, you are a truly exalted person. Once you and the other participant meet, you secure the requisite coffee beverage and select a table or booth that is mutually acceptable. Magically, you pick up from your last conversation as if no time had elapsed.

And then, it’s one or two or three hours later. The coffee is long gone, the conversation hasn’t lagged at all and it’s time for one or both parties to say goodbye for now. Most likely, neither party wants to end the engagement or thinks about making arrangements for the next meeting. But every moment has been a treasure, every subject has been engaging and every farewell is tragic.

If you are as fortunate as I am, you have experienced the magic of the coffee date. If not, identify the person who would enjoy the protocol and the outcomes as much as you will and make it happen for the two of you. From my new geography, the opportunities for me to initiate and enjoy my coffee dates are temporarily limited. But I am certain that they will happen again, either with new cohorts or established ones. No matter what or when, I have happy memories to cherish.

It really doesn’t matter what you drink or where – it’s all about the unique serendipity and comfort of the event. Shalom.

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