When I began writing blogs about eighteen months and 269 blogs ago, I did so with the idea of educating and informing. In addition to that, it’s both enjoyable and cathartic to write. As thoughts and concerns occur, I find it somewhat therapeutic to distribute those ruminations through this medium.

If we begin there, it becomes obvious that like any other piece of creative work, the blogs are self-justifying and autonomous. Pondering reality, it is obvious that while I appreciate and solicit feedback, doing so is inherently unrealistic. If you consider the lack of response that most work receives from the public, why would I expect to receive it?

With that sobering thought, I am now further inspired to identify those subjects worth exploring and proceed with that path. Yes, I would love to have thousands of followers, an equal number of likes and copious comments. But as I recollect a departmental newsletter that I authored and sent for months without any responses or contributions, I recognize that most folks simply don’t take the time and energy.

Surprisingly, this is liberating. For those of you who do comment and like my blogs, thank you for that. If you choose not to communicate with me, I’ll assume that you’re interested, engaged, entertained or inspired – without hearing anything whatsoever. And that’s okay.

Several days ago, I heard the Symphony in A-minor by Mozart that he wrote when he was nine years old. While there were no video games, soccer or after-school programs to have provided a distraction to Mozart, it remains beyond remarkable that he was able to compose a symphony at that age. In this case, the composition was done for self-expression, musical insight or simply because it needed to be written. If that level of artistic autonomy was sufficient for WA Mozart, it’s more than enough for me. Shalom.

One thought on “Feedback

  1. Keep on writing, please! I love reading your blog. I know 3 people now who have jumped into this arena. You and my first cousin, and now, my niece. She’s 36 years old and a single mom; just wrote her first blog and has already been recognized!


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