One of the subjects to which I have dedicated a substantial amount of time is that of aging. The fact that I am older than the age when both of my parents left this earth has some effect on my thoughts. But I firmly believe that there are some reasons to look at aging analytically rather than emotionally.

It’s quite true that I am grateful for every one of my days. As I have been known to reflect, every day that I can get out of bed and put both feet on the ground without assistance is a good one. After all of my years with senior care, perhaps this should be modified to be every day that I can open my eyes and partake of this world is a gift.

Although my days ahead are fewer than those lived that’s an excuse to live each day to the fullest. It occurred to me a day or so ago that youth is often spent in fear of living while advanced age is too frequently involved in fear of dying.

So what constitutes living each day to its maximum? For one, each ache or pain should not be considered a reason to contact the oncologist. As our faces become wrinkled, perhaps those wrinkles are lessons learned rather than hardships or struggles.

In lieu of rehashing old relationships, employers or distasteful events, time is better spent on planning vacations, relishing the sight of treasured grandkids and dedicating time to enhancing the world around us, professionally or voluntarily.

We can’t change that which has already taken place. But we can choose to accept it, ignore it, learn from it or prevent the negative occurrences from reoccurring. If you have a parent or grandparent who means more than you have expressed, please don’t waste any time in communicating that message. We are aware that life is fragile and have come to learn that all kind words and moments are valuable.

It’s true that I am forgetting some names, experiences and places. But as I see it, there’s only so much room in my brain and if something is forgotten, it may deserve to be so. There are many breathtaking sights yet to be seen, memorable folks to be met and treasured moments to be lived. If I am able to live many more years, I am committed to make all of them sacred. Shalom.

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