Recently I wondered if we are the same as what we write. Because I don’t know Stephen King, I can’t determine if he and his life are filled with scary things. The same can be wondered about many fiction authors. Those of us who write non-fiction have other considerations, the most important of which is honesty.

My decision is to write whatever constitutes my truth. If you have been following my blog, you are aware that I am rarely political and frequently philosophical. There are several reasons for this choice.

From my desk, ranting, raving and grandstanding don’t accomplish anything whatsoever. Most people don’t care what political party I represent or how I feel about virtually all national and global issues. Does this mean that I don’t have leanings? No, of course it doesn’t.

In other words, I truly am what I write, and I believe that I have a responsibility to educate and inform, just as I do in the classroom as an educator. That doesn’t mean that if I am not a proponent of something, I don’t believe in it. There are simply too many subjects to cover in a lifetime and I hope to have enough life left to write about all of the thoughts that bounce around in my writer brain.

Quite a few people make the decision to follow my writing and I feel strongly that I have a responsibility to them. Does that consist of avoiding controversial subjects in lieu of emotional or philosophical ones? Sometimes it does. But again, I seek to educate and inform, potentially about those thoughts that you haven’t thought or perspectives that you haven’t perceived. My goal is always to offer a lesson – can you honestly say that the information you offer is both useful and sincere?

As always, I welcome your comments and observations. You may be certain of my resolute adherence to discussing the world as I see it, free of convention, political correctness and any outside influence. That I owe to my readers as well as to myself. Shalom.

One thought on “Speaking truth

  1. Cindy, I have been remiss in not commenting these last few times, so my apologies on that. I always love reading your blog, as you know. Should we call writing about politics ‘MUSING’ or ‘AMUSING’? Just a little play on words. We are inundated daily with politics, right, left or in between, On social media, on TV, everywhere we turn. Our opinions are ignored by those who disagree with us, and even by the politicians who represent us, or who are SUPPOSED to represent us. I enjoy your writing as it is and appreciate your observations about life, family, work, love, and each topic you choose to cover. Your writing always paints a picture for me, and it’s one I look forward to FAR MORE than any type of ranting and/or grandstanding you might be doing. Keep doing as you’re doing….please!


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