As a non-federal employee who is observing the consequences of the federal shutdown, I am outraged by the obvious inability to see the tragedies of those impacted. While I understand the political positions on both sides of the dispute, it becomes clear that those who are suffering from a lack of income are always those who have everything to lose and nothing to gain in the arguments that apply.

Our news networks are filled with stories about people who are standing in food lines or have to choose between insulin and eating. They have nothing to do with the border wall and whether it is established or not. But until all of our blustering politicians finish with the dialogue and diatribe, they will not be paid for their work.

Unfortunately, most of us have absolutely no ability to impact any of this. While I can contribute to a food bank or shelter, I can’t reach the lady in Maryland who is physically challenged and can’t pay for her meds. Do we have the power to effect change? It appears that we don’t and yet we are collectively disheartened to see all of the people who serve us and are compromised by the inability of a few to reach some form of compromise.

Is the world as black and white as this political debate would lead us to believe? The balance of life is rarely that distinct. Those who are dedicated to serving the greater good fail to do what is necessary to feed and shelter those who elected them.

My most sincere hope is that border wall or not, the federal employees are paid, working and free of the current political tension that immobilizes them. We support you, work to assist you and hope with all of our hearts that your economic hardships are soon remedied. Come on, politicians! Let’s take care of our citizens and work out our immigration issues without causing so many to go hungry. Shalom.

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