It occurred to me today that it would be wise to update our address with our attorney, not because of any immediate plans to die but because it would generally be a good idea to have the records current. With that thought, I proceeded to write a letter, use a stamp and envelope and notify the attorney.

Halfway through the process, I realized that we were in 2019, not 1965, and that all I had to do was send an email to the firm and the address could be corrected. It seemed that many of the things that we do daily are a result of old conditioning and that it’s judicious to look at old methods rather than mindlessly perpetuating them.

Some dated methodologies are valuable but unavailable. For example, I remember driving into a gas station, having the attendant fill my gas tank and upon request, check the air in my tires. That procedure is unavailable in any place I’ve lived within the last three cities, but there is a better, more useful alternative. While I still need to pump my own gas and pay to check the air in my tires, if there is a problem, I have a choice of tire stores to see why my tire pressure light is on by checking the air in my tires.

When my iPad begins to manifest strange behavior, I have a variety of options available on the internet before I drag it down to the Apple store in order to pay a high price for not much at all. And so it goes with wondering how much postage I’ll need to pay for 13.66 ounces, trying to find a map for a journey from here to there and a host of other habits.

Under no circumstances am I attempting to live in the past or venerate old processes. It may be a combination of the fact that they are easier than learning new ones and forgetting that alternatives are more convenient.

It’s a lesson for all of us. With a bit of work, a dose of imagination and a quantity of open-mindedness, newer and better ways of doing things are pervasive. All that’s necessary is learning – a process that cannot and should never cease. Shalom.

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