When you do everything that you are expected to do, need to do, want to do or should do, it’s reasonable to expect that your life will follow a reasonable, uneventful path. This includes such responsibilities as paying taxes, showing up on time for appointments, keeping promises and operating a business on a high integrity basis.

This has been the approach that I have chosen for my life and I have come to expect the same type of behavior from those with whom I do business. Unfortunately, my disappointments continue with respect to people who should be held accountable for their actions and fail to show that level of responsibility or moral fiber.

For example, I have a “client” for whom I edited two short books in June of 2014. While I normally require new clients to pay in advance for work, in this case the need was urgent, and the client was a church minister. Here we are, four- and one-half years later and I am still waiting for payment. Most folks would suggest that I should attribute it to bad debt and forget about it. But I am saddened and disappointed that he doesn’t have the motivation to make things right. Does this mean that I should always require payment before completing any work? My accounts receivable would say yes but my heart says no.

So it goes with the purchase of our new home. As I wait for the completion of the new hot water heater installation, I am aware that this is the most recent correction to a house that was initially considered to be in compliance. We have also replaced a deficient furnace, clothes dryer and refrigerator that the previous owner assured us were perfect. Especially ironic is the fact that we were the ones who paid for this inspection. Since then, I have strongly recommended to our realtor that they find a new inspector.

If we believe in karma, these incidents/situations would indicate that I was somehow entitled to being stiffed on work done or ripped off on the purchase of a home. Because I can’t make that make sense, are we simply receiving negative outcomes as part of life? No matter the reason, if there is any reason involved, my methods of living life will not change. Your lack of moral fiber won’t impact me at all. Shalom.

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