Rather than focus on the negative components of moving to a new location, it occurred to me that there are endless reasons for celebrating the journey. The difference is in perspective.

Here’s an example. Due to a number of incorrect communications, I have been living and cooking for the last week without a microwave. For those who don’t like or don’t include microwaves in their cooking agendas, this won’t ring any bells. But I confess to using this device for my frozen breakfasts, cooking bacon, preparing some dinner vegetables and making popcorn.

The installation crew will be arriving momentarily to activate my microwave. It will be a combination of simplifying my life and getting a chance to introduce myself to a new, streamlined appliance. Surely, this experience is worth the week’s inconvenience of doing without it.

As each box is unpacked, it reminds me of being reunited with a valued friend. Keep in mind that this is the third week of November and many of my personal possessions have been boxed since early June. Having access to a worn but comfortable sweatshirt is satisfying. Choosing between more than four or five pairs of socks and shoes is also gratifying.

Most of these highlights are minor events but allow for tiny celebrations. It’s been since mid-June that I have had a complete kitchen at my disposal and I appreciate having every spatula, every knife and every serving piece that I own within my cupboards.

It seems to me that as in most situations, the way in which we experience life always depends on the perspective we select. At no time did I consider complaining about my captive shoes, my elusive potato peeler or my warm and comfortable robe. Now that I have them once again, it’s reminiscent of having daily birthday presents that are happy moments. Shalom.

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