Every now and then, I encounter the cliché that has some sort of encouragement to dance as if no-one is watching. Most recently, I am encountering a series of misrepresentations that suggested no-one would notice.

These issues concerning our new home are serious ones that were neither mentioned nor accurately expressed. The furnace that doesn’t work was described as two years old, but a technician disclosed that it was the original one, dated 1998. A clothes dryer was mentioned as having a broken knob when the dryer doesn’t dry clothes at all.

Having just left a house to its new owner, I am fully cognizant of the right and wrong ways to transact a home sale. When asked to have the house and carpet cleaned, we did so.  We confirmed that the roof was absolutely stable and without defects. Likewise, we cleaned the furnace, repaired an outlet, changed the filters, blew out the sprinklers, replaced two of them and left the home as if we would be safe and happy to reoccupy it.

In the case of our new home, there was a huge hole that was created in a closet door. Instead of replacing the door, the door was reversed. A squirt  gun and trowel were left in the fountain, weeds were untouched, refrigerator also requires replacement and some of the flooring is buckling. The inspection was insufficient or superficial, either because inspectors are unlicensed or for the sake of expediency. Our entire property is in serious need of a thorough cleaning.

Maybe we wouldn’t notice? Maybe it’s “Let the buyer beware?” It is probably gratuitous to suggest that this is the way our world has become.  In any case, repairs will be made, and the house will become a happy, welcoming space. We are watching and have been. If the dancers/sellers think that they are unobserved, they are dead wrong. Shalom.

One thought on “As if no-one’s watching

  1. As a long time dancer, I’ve never liked that phrase, ‘dance as if no one is watching’. My philosophy is more like, ‘practice makes perfect’. To dance like nobody is watching is pretty much like saying, “Who CARES what anyone thinks?” This is such a fallacy, since we compete and dance to win awards and prizes and most importantly the accolades of our peers. Our teachers can tell if we practice or not. When we teach our kids not to lie, we can tell if they’re lying or not. Seems like there are so many people without integrity who just do the bare minimum or do the next WRONG thing without any worries of being ‘caught’ or taking responsibility for their actions. So sorry you’re going through this, but I have so much confidence that you have the strength to get through anything.


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