Waking in a new location has the infinite potential for either good or bad. My reaction after three mornings of residence in this new venue is that it’s all good. What’s good is the sensation of having made a safe landing, with nothing ahead on the runway but sunshine and serenity.

What’s also good is being welcomed by numerous locals. The owner of our BnB has graciously left the newspaper at our door to give us an opportunity to check out the activities and culture. This is a quiet, welcoming place with a combination of antiques and southwestern symbols.

What’s good is a selection of support personnel who are eager to deliver warm and customized products and services. These range from HVAC to moving vans to retail entities. By no means do I want to suggest that this level of personalization is missing in other towns or cities. But as a newcomer, I am inevitably more cognizant of expressions from the heart.

What’s good is driving through the neighborhood streets and having a walker smile and point his finger as an acknowledgement of my presence in his world. He probably didn’t recognize my car, but it seemed that driving in his community was recommendation enough for a greeting.

What’s good is the sense that sunshine, 70 degrees and a breathtaking view of Sandia peak are all gifts from my new home. The natives (or long-time residents) are quite proud of this place and boast weather, endless activities, nature, restaurants of all types and price ranges and a population that is eager to share its pride.

All of this is what’s good about relocation. While I’ll admit that attitude toward others and new spaces are both crucial to the responses I receive, I’ll stick with the conviction that this is the place where I want to be. With a continued positive approach and many more days of enchantment, the good will certainly multiply. Shalom.

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