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For the last time

The last day, last evening and last few seconds as I passed from Colorado into New Mexico were all emotional and consistent with the thirty years of life in a spectacular location. Many of the highlights were due to the places in which I found myself – the first glimpse of an American eagle, the majesty of our nation’s highest peaks and the brilliance of autumn in the Rockies.

My decision in all time spaces was to ponder the future’s prospects rather than dwell on the past. While doing so, I can remember the joyous times and the remarkable people who filled them.

And so, how do I approach the next years in a new venue? Will I find identifying new restaurants, shopping locations, hair stylist and physicians a process that is fulfilling or frustrating? While I can never replace treasured friends, will meeting new neighbors and making friends produce strong, fresh relationships ?

Ultimately, it’s all up to me. While dwelling in the past is comfortable and predictable, living in anticipation of the future is infinitely more productive. My hope is to identify a new school district in order to continue the process of educating that so inspires me. Decorating a new home will be rewarding and fun to do. The book that nags me for completion will be satisfied. For those who follow my journey, I will share the victories and venues to the best of my ability.

The best part is learning to function within the definition of my new southwestern life style. My family entreats me to travel, relax and enjoy the free time that I have so thoroughly earned. But as I do so, I am so thankful to them and to the many factors that have placed me in this time and place. And to Colorado, it will always be a haven to which I can and will return with joy. Shalom.

3 thoughts on “For the last time

  1. I am so excited for you on this new chapter in your life. You will make new friends, while continuing to treasure the old. You will appreciate the new scenery and will probably visit the old on your way to future travels. How wonderful to have a partner to share in these adventures! Who knew, so many years ago, that life would have brought you all the joys it has? Once again, congratulations and please send photos once you get settled.


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