One of the many lessons I’ve learned from this recent relocation process is to approach realities with a sense of humor and an understanding of the Big Picture. While attempting to celebrate the end of a torturous move with a toast of champagne, we discovered that the only drinking apparatus available was a coffee mug. Neither the champagne nor the mug would care so it was absolutely okay to join the beverage and the cup.

Similar responses resulted from a recent snow storm and cold front. All of the warm clothes and boots were packed and ready to be collected by movers. Buying more boots and jackets was out of the question, if only out of logic and good sense. In Colorado, if you don’t like the weather, wait twenty-four hours and you’ll have a brand new climate.

Paper plates, a lack of seasoning and a long list of inconveniences characterized this last week before the move. Beneath all of those minor situations was the realization that they were temporary and preceded our new life in a new venue.

More than ever before, I am persuaded that we humans have enormous powers of resilience and flexibility. Shortages of cotton balls or freshly ground black pepper are not reasons for despair. They are reminders of how satisfying life usually is and how we will appreciate the resumption of that life within a few days.

The champagne wouldn’t be more festive or tasty in a crystal glass. On the contrary, I’m thinking that roughing it a bit is fun or festive or simply a nice change from the routine. We will prevail because we are equipped to do so. The future is more clearly defined by the revelations of today and our fortunate ability to appreciate the wisdom we possess. Shalom.

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