You’ve done all the work. You’ve packed all the boxes, made preparation for the arrival of your belongings at the new location. And you’ve said all the difficult goodbyes to the colleagues, friends and relatives whom you are leaving.

The balance has to do with integrity – doing the right thing. The house we have sold will be immaculate, with the lawn trimmed, the carpets cleaned and a top-to-bottom scrubbing. We blew out the sprinklers, forwarded our mail, thoroughly disposed of trash and left the house the way we would want to occupy it.

Was there an alternative? You might easily wonder if all sellers notify buyers that the dishwasher died one week before closing. At the same time, you can wonder if all sellers leave the refrigerator and stove cleaner, extra toilet paper and pertinent home operation brochures. It probably doesn’t matter. There was never a doubt about what constituted doing what was necessary.

Some of the trendy or kitschy banners or plaques entreat us to, “Do the right thing.” This was my exercise in a large dose of doing the right thing, a process with which I am quite familiar.

The new owner may or may not notice the small efforts that were made. And I won’t be keeping score on the similar touches that the sellers of our new home will or will not complete for us.

Ultimately, it always amounts to listening to our hearts and consciences. This is no different from teaching kids that cheating on math is incorrect and that taking two lunches is wrong unless there are leftovers. Living the truths we speak is as important as distributing those lessons. Shalom.

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