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Goodbye and hello

Thirty years ago today, my family and I officially left California to begin a new and very different existence in Colorado. In addition to this being an anniversary of sorts, I am also cognizant of this being the last September that I will be a resident of Colorado. The word bittersweet occurs to me as I reflect on the last thirty years and the future that awaits us.

As is true of any location, the time spent here consists of many beautiful moments and sights as well as times of profound unhappiness and disconnects. In no way is Colorado responsible for the life challenges. While I detested the snowstorms that made travel difficult and unsafe, I also reveled in the 300+ days of sunshine per year that we thoroughly enjoy.

For those who may consider beginning a new life in Colorado, you will love the environment, people and culture that are intrinsic to this indescribably beautiful state. No matter where you may travel in Colorado, you will find proud Americans who are emotional about this location and its history.

A number of factors contribute to a need to move to another place but I will do so with sadness as well as happy expectations for our new home. If there were a way to say thank you to this unparalleled venue that is a mile high or more, as vast as our Rocky Mountains and as diverse as the millions of residents, I would hurriedly do so.

For the sake of new beginnings, expectations and an ongoing spirit of optimism, I will say hello to New Mexico. This is a state that is ecstatic about its annual balloon festival, its temperate climate and its long history. We are looking forward to the changes presented by the Land of Enchantment.

We say goodbye to Colorado and hello to the rest of our lives. Happily, we are only a few hours from returning when the mountains are calling and we need to revisit our history. There is no doubt about Colorado being as warm and welcoming as it has been for the last thirty years. Shalom.

One thought on “Goodbye and hello

  1. This one brought a tear to my eye thinking about how I will always call Colorado home! The beauty, the happiness, the memories, the amazing place that will always own my heart!


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