One of the innumerable advantages of the English language is the fact that it doesn’t have the masculine or feminine designations present in some languages. In French, a male friend is ami and a female is amie. In Spanish, it’s amigo and amiga. Because I have several people whom I consider true friends, the use of Friend will be perfect for the sake of not needing or wanting to identify my friend’s gender.

The friend to whom I refer is someone who has redefined the concept of friend for me, in an entirely positive way. Friend is someone who is constant and consistent, no matter where we are or what the time may be. Friend is always loyal and in more areas than I can count, Friend finds ways to demonstrate respect and love.

My Friend is one who would share Friend’s $19.19, even if it is Friend’s last twenty. My Friend creatively and frequently demonstrates faith in my abilities and strengths. And most importantly, my Friend can be relied upon for Friend’s version of truth, regardless of how difficult or complicated it may be to articulate.

Those who celebrate friendship can easily appreciate how blessed I feel to have Friend as my advocate and cheering section. We have all experienced people who choose solitary existence due to abuses of trust or general dissatisfaction with human nature. If you belong to that philosophy, you have my deepest regrets. If, however, you can relate to the joys of a true and lasting friendship, you will understand the irreplaceable contributions that friends inevitably make to life.


To my Friend – thank you for your trust, your faith and your love. To those who read my words, be a friend to learn the joy of acquiring one. Consider your word to be as vital as the beating of your heart. And begin to understand the growth that you will immediately experience as you nurture that of others. Shalom.

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