Yesterday, America lost one of its most formidable heroes with the passing of John McCain. Regardless of your position regarding controversial political activities, his life and dedication to this country were unwavering. We join his family and closest friends in mourning him and honoring his memory.

My wish is that we see no negatives publicized about Mr. McCain. He followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and like them, achieved high rank in the US Navy. In addition to and following his tragic incarceration as a political prisoner from 1967 to 1973, Mr. McCain retired from the Navy in 1981 as a major.

We have a great deal to learn from his life and career and my hope is that he is remembered primarily for the numerous contributions made. He was quoted recently as having a lifelong desire to serve his country and was true to his word. From his entry into the US Naval Academy in 1954 until his death, Mr. McCain worked tirelessly for this country in military and government service.

From my standpoint, it is quite easy to separate his life from any political positions he may have assumed throughout his career. He was a figure whom our children and grandchildren can and should respect, particularly because few of us before or after him will emulate his dedication to our country.

Please join me in respecting his life and commemorating his many achievements. Our country has lost one of its few contemporary icons and my sincerest hope is that we will find ways to celebrate his being and his diverse accomplishments. Maverick though he may have been labeled, we are grateful for his character, his commitment and his patriotism. May his memory be for a blessing. Shalom.

One thought on “America’s hero

  1. McCain was a great man, and one of the last Republicans to believe in true partisanship. Not afraid to speak his mind. He will be missed.


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