Yesterday I was introduced to and had an opportunity to rehearse a song that spoke of building or growing the world. It struck me then and now that the world is in serious need of healing, something that I equate to strengthening our home.

The term “Tikkun Olam” is often used by orthodox Jews to describe the process of overcoming idolatry. Those who prefer a less theological interpretation invoke the expression to behave constructively and for the purposes of growing the world. This is my preferred view and I think of it often as a foundation for completing and teaching humanitarian behavior.

For those who believe that the world is too corrupt or broken to be capable of enhancement, this reflection is probably not for you. For the rest, the realization that the world can be repaired, and we are the only ones capable of making that happen, the first step has been taken.

Very few of us have the means or talent to change the world in spectacular, massive ways. We can leave that to the Steve Jobs, Saint Teresa and Gandhi footprints. In much smaller deeds, we can clean our environment, nurture our children and send messages to anyone and everyone that their existence is crucial to the preservation of our planet.

Here’s an example that occurred to me within the last several days. Someone mentioned a gentleman in our community who had distinguished himself with providing a product for which I have great passion. Personally, I find the man to be a snake but instead of passing along that observation or opinion, I chose to smile and suggest that he had done a great deal to provide a valuable product and service to our community.

Can I be credited with tikkun olam, or healing the world? That’s probably not for me to decide. But we all have opportunities to minimize the negative energy that we disperse. If you are a frequent reader here, you know that my heart is always about growing rather than destroying, giving rather than taking and improving rather than disparaging. For whatever time I am allowed to remain on earth, I am dedicated to healing it whenever and however possible. Shalom.

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