Because one of the objectives for writing blogs is attracting and engaging readers, it’s always a challenge to determine what will be compelling. The key must be a compliment expressed yesterday from someone very close to me about one of my blogs. He said, I wouldn’t be surprised if people are motivated to do something or another after reading your blogs.

This is perhaps the greatest accolade I can receive, as an educator and a writer. If somehow, I have encouraged you to do something that you’ve wanted to do and haven’t done, please move forward and do it. If thinking about something has likewise been difficult or overwhelming, you are capable of analysis. Create some private space and indulge in the celebration of your mind’s strength and ingenuity.

Please remember that this is the only shot you’ve got at your life. When you have a story to tell that is compelling, interesting, amusing, illuminating or all of the above, tell it. As I recently (and repeatedly) told a close friend, don’t worry about the format – your story is far more important than the manner in which it’s told. You will be doing yourself and the rest of the world a favor if your life and its details have the potential to improve or enlighten others.

But it doesn’t have to be a book. If you’ve always wanted to draw, find a community college or other venue to pursue your talent. You are likely to be surprised at your potential for works that are expressive and extraordinary. Or it could be any other form of activity such as poetry, dressmaking, sculpture, jewelry-making or floral design.

The best reason to begin is that you are the only one who can do what you do. No-one else can tell your tale, bring life to your oils or arrange your posies. If you have children or grandchildren, they will be inspired by your new creative pursuits. If you have a meaningful social circle, they will likely be encouraging and energizing.

Don’t let the insecure compartment of your brain discourage you. Begin to believe that you have the goods for greatness and watch what you can accomplish. Students in my classrooms always hear from me, “The only ceiling above your head is the one that you place there.” Shalom.


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