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Because I’m always skeptical of people who claim to have found the secret of life, I am hesitant to send one out there as a panacea or universal elixir. But today I thought about how good it is for the body, spirit and state of being to laugh. I’m not talking about a little chortle or a snicker. This is a huge belly laugh that is loud enough to attract attention if you’re in a public space.

Here’s the subject of today’s guffaw. Someone captured a video of a young person (I hesitate to invoke the term “millennial”) trying to use a rotary telephone. For those of us who grew up using such devices, it’s as normal as tying shoes or brushing teeth. But this youngster didn’t realize that he had to pick up the receiver before dialing the phone. He tried and tried, each time discovering that when he finally picked up the handset, all he had was dial tone.

Although there has been a recent interest in the ancient and antique devices known as typewriters, many people under thirty have never seen one. This was another source of giggledom, watching kindergarteners trying to use one after they figured out what it was. It had no screen, no apps, no GIFS and no music other than the clack, clack of keys. If you can find one of these videos, it’s worth a serious chuckle, especially if you’ve spent much of your life navigating a typewriter.

My suggestion is to find a reason to laugh each day. Lucille Ball has long been one of my heroines because so much of what she did generated unbridled gaiety. Check out the program where she becomes the spokesperson for  Vitameatavegamin and you’ll have the humor that will brighten your disposition and your day.

If Lucy doesn’t do it for you, the miracles of technology allow access to the Three Stooges, Jerry Lewis, Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey or Johnny Carson. If you’re not familiar with some of them, check them out. Make time to take time for the purposes of your health and disposition. Smiling is the best expression that you can give your face and the process of hilarity is absolutely rejuvenating. Shalom.



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