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A better world

One of the best realizations that I’ve had recently is associated with one of the most unpleasant tasks I’ve had to face. The task is packing, discarding and generally downsizing for a relocation. On the very upside is the fact that by reducing the number of my possessions, I have been able to create significant value to my world. It was not by intention but is still a joyous consequence.

Here’s how it works. By being somewhat organized, I could be methodical and decisive about the disposition of many items. Our local public library (yes, I believe in the indescribable value of libraries) has a program that accepts donations and resells books to the community. The chances of rereading most of my books were miniscule and I happily delivered at least ten boxes of books to those who can read and appreciate them at a low cost.

The same phenomenon occurred with clothing. Because I hope that the climate to which we are moving will be much less severe than that of Colorado, I had bags and bags of clothing. They were too large, too small, too thick or something else that made them obsolete. And so, it was with immense pleasure that we dispatched at least twenty bags of clothing and household goods to Goodwill.

Finally, we had collected at least twenty pairs of glasses or sunglasses over the years and remembered that a number of local opticians had programs to refurbish and distribute discarded eyeglasses to those who couldn’t afford them. After a few unsuccessful delivery attempts, we discovered a company whose representative appeared to be truly appreciative to have the glasses.

None of these are huge or valiant acts. But when I began to think about the total number of items that we recirculated, I realized that we all have the means to touch the lives of hundreds with very few actions. My journey will be punctuated by a trip to the foodbank with items that we can’t or won’t transport. With that, I suggest that you either clean your pantry or buy several extra cans of food on your next shopping trip. There can never be too many acts of kindness in our world. Shalom.

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