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What’s the point?

While no-one will ever accuse me of being prudish or pristine, I admit to having limits to the amount of obscenity that I can or will tolerate in my world.  Just now, I observed a list of fifty people who were all preceded by an “f” epithet, with the qualification that if I didn’t like the message or the list, I could attach the same epithet to myself. The post was (again) on social media, posted by one of my high school classmates who tirades daily about conservatives.

If I had direct access to this person other than through social media messaging, I would be tempted to ask what purpose was served by this post. But somehow, doing so is not worth the effort required. Most likely, none of the fifty cursed in the post will ever see it. And if they did, what then?

My first objection is based on the fact that the post is visible to all those with social media accounts, some of whom are way below voting age. Most likely, we don’t want our younger viewers to use this word once, let alone fifty times.

After that, what did you accomplish outside the fact that you know how to spell an obscenity and the names of fifty people who are somehow associated with the president of this country? To my recollection, no-one has held you responsible for a minimum of hate posts per day, with a certain punishment associated with under-performance.

Now that we know all of the people for whom you have no trust or belief, in what do you believe? Is voting for Democrats your entire contribution to society, along with daily blasts of Republicans? Has it occurred to you that the lines in our society are not black/white, right/wrong, liberal/conservative or Democrat/Republican? Some Republicans sincerely dislike the POTUS. And many Democrats and Republicans voted for Hillary in order to keep him out of office.

Stop contaminating my space. Every now and then you add something to social media that’s worth my reading what you write. But junk like this is pure trash and does absolutely nothing to improve our world. Instead of spending time on this activity, spend it in a food bank or senior center. Shalom.

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