Although you have been gone from this world for many years, this is the first time that I have thought about and initiated a letter to you for Mother’s Day. While I have no fantasies about your being able to hear my words, I never stop seeking a method with which to communicate and a reason to reflect.

My belief is that you would be both pleased and disappointed with what the world has become. We have crimes that are new to our generation and world conflicts that are specific to this century and part of the last. Our rental and home prices are exorbitant, clothing styles have changed radically and our methods for completing all of the actions of life are different, occasionally for the better.

But if I could somehow tell you that people are fundamentally the same as they have always been, I would eagerly do so. We are often made aware of our fellow man completing acts of kindness for others simply for the sake of doing good. Our society is full of organizations that provide support to the homeless, indigent, those suffering from terminal illnesses and countless other causes and reasons for us to deposit good into the universe. And I am fortunate to experience all manner of kindness and generosity in my life.

From my standpoint, I have always sought to conduct my life in a manner that I learned from your examples and teaching. You taught the value of being kind to others, never living beyond my means, working hard for anything that I wanted and making the best of any and every situation that I face. As I observe my own children, I feel strongly that those lessons have been taught and understood.

If I could wish you a Mother’s Day, I would tell you that every day of my life reminds me of your wisdom and your absence. Instead, I make it a practice to appreciate and celebrate all those who are mothers. As I hope to bring honor and pride to that status I owe to my indescribably wonderful daughter and son, I am always grateful to you for your legacies. Shalom.

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