Energy and persistence conquer all things.  Benjamin Franklin

Having just experienced a serious personal disappointment, it somehow occurred to me to employ a technique that was popular during my years in sales. It was the Benjamin Franklin close. On one side of a page you list all of the whys; on the other side, you list all of the why nots. By the time you have finished the list, the whys are predicted to outweigh the why nots. With that foundation, I found the quote from Mr. Franklin most timely.

My approach to handling this crisis consisted of modifying the close technique. On the one side, I’ve compiled the down sides of what happened. Opposite that, I’m working on all of the upsides to my status.

The details of the situation are less important here than the methodology employed to overcome it.

Persistence is on the plus side of my list. My life has been characterized by it and I see that the best way to accomplish what I seek is to continue doing what I do. Energy is another of my assets. While I experience fatigue in the same way that others do, I have fewer than five sick days in my entire career and I have never no-showed a responsibility to which I have committed. It seems clear that I need to remain energetic and anticipate positive results.

The more I reflect, the more reasons I discover to rise above my setback. One of the most powerful is that of support. With the advantage of a robust family cheering section, I need only ask for reinforcements and I receive more than I could imagine.

Beyond that, I have all of the skills, professional and personal, with which I began the day. While I am forever in the process of expanding and enhancing those attributes, they have allowed me to succeed in a variety of settings and overcome some serious roadblocks.

The lesson becomes eminently clear: by continuing along the paths I have chosen, I will prevail and find ways to recover. As I frequently teach young people, situations only become problems when you don’t have to tools to eliminate them. Shalom.

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