For quite some time, I have wondered if I’m marooned on an intellectual desert island. This consists of thinking old thoughts, rehashing endless memories and wondering about incomplete projects. Regrettably, I hold myself responsible for all of these.

Happily, I’ve identified a method to avoid this outcast status. It’s quite a simple and profoundly positive response. All I have to do is learn at least one useful fact per day. Doing so is invigorating and wonderfully satisfying.

Here’s a sample. For numerous personal reasons, I’ve dedicated a substantial amount of the last five years to studying the Holocaust. But it was not until several days ago that I discovered the presence of substantial Nazism in South America prior to World War II. As it turns out, the US had significant and considerable concerns about the possibility of Nazi attacks on our soil or possessions.

It’s positive that this never materialized but I am enriched at the knowledge. Now I need to assign the responsibility to myself of learning something else that’s new with each day.

A busy life may make this quite a task. But I’m convinced that the more I work on improving my brain, the easier and more enjoyable the effort will become. The same source of this South America information has taught me a little about cryptology. Maybe I’ll pursue that. Or I can research hydroponics or the life of Emily Dickinson or how to raise llamas.

The subject matter is less important than the activity or dedication. There is no potential for a downside for this commitment. In fact, I may have considerable influence on those whom I impact.

At the very least, I feel that I am learning, growing, improving and becoming a better resource to those seeking information and to myself. Shalom.

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