Good day! My name is…actually, that’s really not important. What truly matters is that I was hired by God to design the indescribably splendid location known as the Rocky Mountains.

Because the mountains have been here for many centuries, I’ve been on the payroll for quite a while. But this is a huge, tremendously important responsibility.

First there is the weather. My directions were to arrange a diverse assortment of clouds. Some are wispy and either caress the mountains or envelop them. Some simply provide the wide, eternally changing backdrop for the mountain vistas. Temperatures change rapidly, ranging from warm and sunny to freezing and blustery.

Landscape was the next concern, made more complicated because of the altitude and occasionally frigid temperatures, not to mention the horrific amounts of snow. We decided on the majestic evergreens (mainly pine) because they’re hearty and always look natural. For a change of pace, we threw in some aspen and a few other deciduous species. And of course, there are shrubs and in spring and summer, many spectacular flowers.

Finally, we had to consider inhabitants. Humans are welcome if they don’t deface or desecrate the environment. And they often bring horses, cattle, dogs, donkeys and goats, many of which are amusing to watch.

The natural residents are moose, elk, deer, coyote, mountain lion, fox and a huge aviary population. We’ve also provided many little creatures such as squirrels, beaver, chipmunks and others. A consensus is that we’ve done a remarkable design job, with some sights that are pleasing to anyone and everyone.

While it’s difficult to send us your feedback, our reward is generally your visits and compliments on the work we’ve accomplished. Please enjoy on whatever level you choose, remembering to leave the mountain world as pristine as you found it. Shalom.

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